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Welcome to Buckinghamshire Rose Croix 

On behalf of the Princes and myself, I extend a very warm welcome to you and introduce the Rose Croix District of Buckinghamshire.

We are a Christian Masonic Order and as such we strive to live our lives based on the three fundamental principles of Faith, Hope and Charity.


The necessary qualifications for membership are for the applicant to be of high moral standing, to be willing to sign the prescribed declaration that he professes the Trinitarian Christian faith and to have been a Master Mason for twelve  months or more.


There is no requirement for an applicant to be a member of any other Order, but does need to have been a Master Mason for 12 months -  nor does an interested Mason need to wait to be invited to apply for membership.

It is a thought provoking Order, with great contemplation  throughout the ceremonies.


Within Buckinghamshire District we have 11 Chapters, including a Higher Degrees Chapter for those members of the 30th Degree and above. 

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