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NOVEMBER 2019 - Merlaue Chapter received E&P Bro. Roger Hagan as its newest Perfectee at a vibrant meeting at Marlow.  The ceremony was performed by the MWS, E&P Bro. Paul Lear assisted by other members of the Chapter.   

The photograph shows the MWS congratulating Roger (second left) with his proposers, E&P Bro. Peter Bennett (far left) and E&P Bro. Nick Wilson (far right).


Roger is a Master Mason of Temple Manor Lodge No. 8143 and is also a member of Cliveden Lodge No. 7944.  We all wish him many happy and successful years in our wonderful Order.

NOVEMBER 2019 - At a very

vibrant meeting, Robert De

Turnham Chapter No.917 managed

to perfect a new prince, ballot and

receive a joining member, enthrone

the new MWS and then present two

Supreme Council Certificates to two

of its members.     

The meeting in Bletchley on 8 November

started with the MWS, Ill∴Bro Mike

Clanfield 30º (centre) and his officers

perfecting E&P Bro. Ian Knight 18º (far right)

and then receive Ill∴Bro Colin Piper 30º

(second from the left next to the Inspector

General) as a joining member.

E&P Bro. Ian is a Master Mason of Watling

Street Lodge and Ill∴Bro Colin is a member

of Serenity Chapter as well as the

Sovereigns Chapter, both in Middlesex. 

We wish our new members many happy and successful years in our wonderful Order and in the District of Buckinghamshire. 


The meeting continued with the enthronement of the new MWS, Ill∴Bro Aleksander Muncan 30º (second from the right) and the presentation of two Supreme Council Certificates by the District Recorder.

We all wish Ill∴Bro Aleksander a most rewarding year as MWS of the Chapter and congratulate the Recorder and members on an extremely well-organised and enjoyable meeting.