The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 

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16 NOVEMBER 2020

AT 6.00 PM

A member of the Supreme Council will be making a virtual visit to our District on Monday, 16 November 2020.  The visit will take the form of a Zoom meeting at 6.00 pm on that date and will last for approximately one hour; all subscribing or honorary Rose Croix members of the District are entitled to attend and there will be room for as many of you who wish to do so.  Details of who will be representing the Supreme Council will be forwarded in due course.


The meeting will be informal: there is no specific dress code and, should you be unable to attend the whole meeting, the Member of the Supreme Council has no objection to you arriving late or leaving early.  Regalia will not be worn.  Our Inspector General will open the meeting, welcome the Member of the Supreme Council and then hand over to him.  He, in turn, will then speak to you all for approximately twenty minutes to update you on the state of the Order and other pertinent matters.  The meeting will then be opened to those Princes present for a question-and-answer session.


Any member who is able to attend is asked to contact their Chapter Recorder by 30 September 2020, together with all questions that you might have for the Member of the Supreme Council.  These will be collated centrally by our District Recorder and forwarded to Supreme Council in plenty of time of the meeting.


Supreme Council is very keen to maintain the strong bonds so enjoyed by the members of the Order and these visits will enable the Members of the Supreme Council to stay in touch with the membership despite their inability, at present, to meet in person.  As a result, members of Supreme Council will be visiting different Districts every Monday-Thursday evening this autumn between September and mid-December and our Inspector General hopes that this visit to our particular District will generate a great deal of interest from our members and that a good number of you will attend.  Furthermore, it is hoped that every Chapter in the District will be represented.


One of the outcomes of the recent national consultation conducted by Supreme Council was that over three quarters of our membership within England & Wales are comfortable using Zoom videoconferencing software and, of those, over 90% would wish in principle to attend a 'virtual visit' to their District by a Member of the Supreme Council.  Even among the minority who do not use Zoom, a healthy 25% would still be interested in attending such a visit. 


A guide of how to use Zoom will be produced by the District Recorder for circulation in plenty of time to all via the Chapter Recorders.  The link and password for the meeting will be created by Duke Street staff and sent to you in advance so that you can log into the meeting at the appropriate time.

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