V.Ill.Bro Peter N.I. Harborne 33°

The Districts Inspector General was appointed in November 2016.


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Ill.Bro Peter D. Moody 31°

The District Recorder was appointed in July 2018.


Each year at the November meeting of the Buckinghamshire Chapter, the Inspector General presents the IG Forum.  Please find below a link to an abstract of those presentations.


As stated by our Inspector General at the Buckinghamshire Chapter meeting, although membership is open only to Princes of the 30° and above, all Princes including those holding the 18° may attend and would be made most welcome.  The Buckinghamshire Chapter meetings are held on the first Wednesday in March and November.  All our members who hold the 30° and above are most welcome to consider joining the Chapter!

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Promotion memoriam 2021.PNG

Note: Details are taken from the latest District Year Book (July 2021) and do not take into account further new members, additional promotions or those Princes who have since passed to higher service.  These Princes will be recognised when the new Year Book is issued.