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February 2023 – The photograph shows the Inspector General (far left) and the District Recorder (far right), together with Ill∴Bro Bill Thomas 31º (third from the right) celebrating with those Princes of the District who received higher degrees on Monday, 13 February 2023 …….

 …..Ill∴Bros Harry Hunter (second right) and Matt Arnold (third left) both received their 31º and Ill∴Bro Peter Stinson (second left).received his 30º in excellent ceremonies conducted by the Supreme Council 33º at the Grand East.  This was followed by dinner at Mark Masons Hall.   


Harry is a member of Via Phari Chapter 1060 and Matt is a member of the Robert De Turnham Chapter 917.  Both Princes are also active members of the Buckinghamshire Higher Degrees Chapter.  Peter is also a member of Via Phari Chapter 1060 and we wish them all our heartiest congratulations on their preferment.

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