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May 2023 – Robert De Turnham Chapter No:917 at Bletchley welcomed E&P Bro Wayne Bentley to the Order.....   

...on Friday 19 May 2023 in an excellent ceremony which was conducted by the MWS, Ill.Bro. John Marriott and Ill.Bro. Aleks Muncan.  They were ably assisted by the Officers of the Chapter and then all dined together at the Festive Board. 


The photo shows E&P Bro Wayne (third right), the Inspector General, V.Ill Bro Peter Harborne 33° (third left), Ill.Bro. John Marriott 30° (second right), the Past Inspector General, V.Ill Bro. David Sawyer 33° (far right), Ill Bro Aleks Muncan 30° (far left) and Wayne’s proposer E&P Bro. Mike Perkins 18° (second left).


Wayne is the current Master of St Giles Lodge No. 8555 and a member of Dagmar Lodge No. 2262.  We all wish him many happy and successful years in this wonderful Order.

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