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NOVEMBER 2020 –  Despite the current lockdown, a virtual gathering of the Buckinghamshire Chapter, gave our Inspector General the opportunity to address the Princes with his annual forum. 

Hosted by the MWS Ill∴Bro Peter Corbett, (and his very impressive background) the Princes listened intently to the presentation by our Inspector General.


Following a very interesting talk, each Prince was greeted in person enabling those present to send their regards and ensure that each members' health was in order.


It was a fine rehearsal for our virtual visit of Supreme Council later in November!

RC Virtual.jpg
rc sc visit.PNG

NOVEMBER 2020 –  With the nights drawing in early, the evening of the 16th November was brightened with a virtual visit by the Sovereign Grand Commander, Most Puissant Brother Alan Englefield 33º. 

Hosted by our Inspector General  V∴Ill∴Bro Peter Harborne, the Princes were entertained with an informative presentation from the Sovereign Grand Commander.


Delivered with his usual charismatic approach the management of the more serious pandemic and its affects on Rose Croix were discussed with the Princes in what was a very interactive and enjoyable evening.


Concluding, the District looks forward to the occasion where we can welcome our Sovereign Grand Commander again!

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