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DECEMBER 2021 –  The Inspector General is delighted to deliver his Christmas Message to the members of the District of Buckinghamshire........

Princes All,


As we approach the festival surrounding the birth of our Saviour, I send you all my best wishes for a happy, blessed and thoroughly satisfying Christmas with your friends and families. The current concern over the various strains of Covid may of course put a bit of a damper on the more secular activities of this holiday season; however, this should not prevent us from celebrating our Faith, treasuring our Hope of Salvation and continuing to offer Charity to all who need and deserve it.


I have been able to attend 7 of our District’s chapter meetings since the Step 4 “Release Day” in late July as well as another 9 Rose Croix meetings in other Districts or at Duke Street. I have also attended at least 20 meetings of other Orders, played golf and attended social functions dozens of times in recent weeks and am therefore very, very conversant with the Lateral Flow Test procedures. Life has therefore virtually returned to normal but I do realise that I am very lucky. I am not clinically vulnerable and not particularly old or overweight but I know many of our members are, unfortunately, included in one of those cadres. If you consider yourself susceptible then of course we shall not see you at meetings anytime soon, especially now that Omicron has apparently reared its very ugly head. The Prime Minister and his 2 colleagues at the lectern have this evening explained why some more restrictions are being placed on our activities and so we must all maintain an appropriate caution for the next few weeks. If you don’t feel able to attend meetings then of course you mustn’t but I hope you accept that some of us are still keen to meet with suitable precautions when doing so is legal and sensible. If you feel able to go out occasionally, I look forward to seeing you around the bazaars; if you don’t have that luxury, then I hope you are able to exercise and stay safe. All of us know who our Craft, RA, RC, Mark or other Order Almoners are and I know they are very keen to hear from you if you feel you need assistance. Whether that assistance be physical, mental, physiological or financial, or if you just want to chat, pick up the phone and speak. If you aren’t in need of assistance, then perhaps you could be the assistance that someone else needs so make sure you keep in touch with that recently joined member, or that older member, or just a neighbour you haven’t seen recently. 


Let us hope the New Year brings us all better news for the resumption of a more normal life with meetings of our wonderful Order and good ceremonies for more candidates.


God Bless



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