The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


Week 9 and the news is getting slightly better for some. It appears that London is having very few infections now and the overall UK deaths are continuing to fall. That is no comfort to those of us who have lost friends or family members in the last couple of months of course but does bode well for the future of the country. Recovering from the financial problems seems likely to take much longer.


The golf course is now open and the fairways are full of golfing pairs most days. We are only allowing 9 holes to be played at the moment and awaiting further guidance from England Golf and Government or County Council advice before extending to 18 holes and perhaps introducing competitions again. I’m afraid that with golf every other day for the last week time seems to have passed much more  quickly in the Harborne household and I hope we have all found something to do most days to break up the tedium. There is more talk of vaccines and of test-track-trace apps for mobile phones but still no clear evidence of immunity acquisition following infection. Quite how the situation will develop over the next couple of months is difficult to define. I chatted via email with a hospital doctor today and he is glad he’s a doctor dealing with the front line and not a politician – a view I’m sure most of us would share. The press still seem more concerned with picking holes in government strategy than contributing responsibly to the debate but ‘twas ever thus I suppose.


Here are the answers to Quiz 8:

  1. Both begun by a man named Booth - William Booth started the Salvation Army in 1878 and Hubert Booth invented the vacuum cleaner in 1901.

  2. Mary Fitzroy, Duchess of Richmond and Somerset. She married Henry VIII’s son Henry Fitzroy (borne by his mistress Elizabeth Blount and acknowledged officially).

  3. Alfred the Great - led his brother Æthelred’s West Saxon army against the Danes in about 871 but lost later that year at Basing and Meretun.

  4. St Columba is said to have seen the Lock Ness monster.

  5. Zadok the Priest (accompanied by Nathan the Prophet)


This weeks questions:

  1. How many Kings did England have in 1066?

  2. When and why did the phrase “daylight robbery” supposedly originate?

  3. How far, in miles, is a parsec?

  4. Which car manufacturer only made looms until 1935?

  5. Which planet’s day is longer than its year?


I don't worry too much about getting Covid but I do worry that I might turn out to be asymptomatic and inadvertently spread it to others. I also don't see what is so confusing about “Stay Alert”. At least the weather has been brilliant over the last 9 weeks - hosepipe ban probably coming any minute now!!


I trust that any of our members who feel they could do with assistance are making appropriate contact with those who can advise on or can provide that help – pride or shame may be understandable but are inappropriate emotions in today’s emergency. As an extra safeguard, we should all be looking out for others whom we suspect might benefit from help but haven’t yet sought it.

God Bless and Stay Safe

Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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