The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


Week 8 then and some better news. The weeks have been dragging on but at long last we have some relaxation of the lockdown. It may not mean much of a change for many of us because those classed as “clinically vulnerable” (which is defined in the Government’s “Our Plan to Rebuild” paper as those over 70 years of age, those with specific chronic pre-existing conditions or pregnant women) are still required to be very cautious. In addition, some of you may have received a doctor’s letter telling you that as a result of your medical situation you are considered “clinically extremely vulnerable.” I’m afraid you are still “strongly advised to stay at home at all times and avoid face-to-face contact” which is now referred to as “shielding”. For those of you in the “extremely vulnerable” group, the relaxation does not apply and you must continue the lockdown to protect yourselves and those closest to you. Not an encouraging message but essential nevertheless until the risk of infection is reduced further.


Having depressed you with that first paragraph, I offer the following to cheer you up. Our society is contributing enormously to the needs of those affected by the corononavirus pandemic, both to those suffering directly with Covid-19 and to organisations coping with that suffering. The MCF Covid-19 Community Fund has received over £500,000 in just the last 2 months and are distributing it to dozens of charities. In addidition, in a departure from their usual grant evaluation procedures (which previously have only considered donations to formal registered charities), MCF are also giving financial support to other activities concerned in relieving Covid-related distress such as food banks, the provision of PPE to NHS and care workers, and meals for isolated and vulnerable people being distributed by masonic hall caterers. They are also providing volunteer recruitment support for local AgeUK branches. We may be personally inconvenienced by the current restrictions but others are suffering much more and it is very encouraging that money which we have contributed is being spread widely, and very effectively, by the Regional Community Groups set up by UGLE. I doubt the Press will actually report any of this good work but we should take satisfaction from the fact that it is being done and we are helping.


Here are the answers to Quiz 7:

  1. Arthur Balfour was the nephew of Lord (Robert) Salisbury, then Prime Minister, who appointed Balfour to the post of Irish Secretary for which many thought he was unsuitable and therefore only appointed through nepotism. Nowadays “Bob’s your uncle” means “sorted” or “that’s it done”.

  2. Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer are the only angels mentioned in the King James Bible (Raphael and others are only in the Apocrypha)

  3. Gideon; he gave out trumpets, pitchers and lamps to his 3 companies of 100 men (Judges 7, 16).

  4. The Rev Thomas T Blockley 33°, former chaplain/sec of Oxon Diocesan Traning College was the first IG of the BB&O District when it was broken out of the East Central District in 1936.

  5. Pritchard’s 1730 book “Masonry Dissected” contains the earliest published reference to a third degree in Craft freemasonry.

  6. Psalm 90 contains the phrase “three score years and ten” and is attributed to Moses in the 13th century BC. However, four score was allowed “…by reason of strength..” and he is supoosed to have lived to 120 so there is hope for all of us.


This weeks questions:

  1. What is the nominal connection between the Salvation Army and the vacuum cleaner?

  2. Who was Henry VIII’s only daughter-in-law?

  3. Who won the Battle of Ashdown?

  4. Who was King Niall’s great-great-grandson and what did he claim to have seen in 565AD?

  5. Who anointed Solomon as King of Israel?


I hope you will enjoy researching the answers to these posers. I have found Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook very useful in recent weeks and I apologise to those of you who can’t yet get out but I’m turning off my computer and phone and am off to play golf.


God Bless and Stay Safe

Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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