The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times.........

Exactly a year since the first day of lockdown.  The outlook is beginning to brighten, dates are before us and let us pray that they do not change.  I am not entirely convinced that the end has yet begun but if we all continue to be careful and take our vaccinations as soon as they are offered (our second ones for most of us I hope) then life should become a good deal less boring.  I wish all of you that are still of working age the very best of luck in the days to come and look forward to meeting you in the flesh soon.  Rule-of-six outdoors is a week on Monday and then 2 weeks of pause before indoors comes back on the menu.  A haircut and a drink in a pub will settle me down as I watch the news carefully to see how many idiots disregard even the relaxed rules and go too far – again!  I wonder if I can still remember how to play golf?


Here are my answers to week 51’s questions:

  1. Exhibitors at Chelsea are not allowed to sell from their stands until the show is broken down at the end whereas retailers at other shows are allowed to sell direct to the visitors throughout.

  2. US philanthropist Andrew Carnegie funded the Simplified Spelling Board in the USA in 1906 which was designed to simplify English words and align them more closely with their pronunciation (hav, liv, catalog, mold, etc).  Many changes have lasted but Carnegie became frustrated with progress and withdrew funding, writing “I hav been patient long enuf”.

  3. On a standard day, the pressure is 14.7lbs/ so, a one-foot square column of air from the surface to the top of earth’s atmosphere is 144x14.7 = 2116 lbs, just short of a metric ton.

  4. ‘Number six, Retiarius versus Secutor’ is the opening line of Act 2 of Androcles and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw (the only line of the only part I’ve ever had in a play – in 1964).

  5. It was Henry Faulds who first discovered that human fingerprints were unique to each individual and he wrote in 1880 that they could be used in the solving of crimes.  However, the system was developed further, first by Sir Francis Galton and then by Sir Edward Henry.  Fingerprints were first accepted as proof in a criminal case in 1902.

  6. The horse is the odd one out – it is an odd-toed ungulate, and the others are even-toed ungulates.

  7. A cam-belt (or chain) drives the camshaft(s) in a four-stroke engine internal combustion engine and ensure(s) that valves open and shut in the correct sequence.  If the belt fails, the camshaft will stop rotating and valves will stop.  There is then a danger that pistons at the top of their stroke will hit valves that have not closed and that the whole engine will need re-building.  If part of the camshaft continues to rotate (or one of a pair retains some drive) then 2 valves may collide, and this is often terminal.

  8. The Godolphin Arabian male line has been maintained since Matchem, a grandson; the Byerley Turk and Darley Arabian can only trace the male line back to great-great-grandsons (Herod and Eclipse).  The line has therefore been passed down only by the mare at some stage.

  9. Napoleon surrendered at Rochelle and was exiled to St Helena rather than to the USA (where he hoped to join many of the French nobility who had fled after the revolution).

  10. It is reported that Raedwald, King of East Anglia died in 624AD and it is he whose burial site the Sutton Hoo ship may be.


The usual high scorers were Nick Wilson and Stephen Knight, but my questions were a little more difficult so neither got the full set, but I trust all enjoyed looking.  Here are this week’s posers:

  1. Why might Al Queda be thought of as having a high pH value?

  2. What links the surnames Llewellyn, Burton, Bayldon and Lancie?

  3. How fast is the Earth moving relative to the sun?

  4. What is the main difference between odontoceti and mysticeti?

  5. What is the highest score for an opening word in Scrabble?

  6. What is the link between Henry McCarty and Ben Hur?

  7. What links the names of Bohr, Siegbarn, Curie, Korberg and Bragg?

  8. Who wrote “play up, play up and play the game” and where did he get the title?

  9. What organisation was first known as R.S.L.I.N.K. and what does its motto mean?

  10. Which is the first altar to be mentioned in the Bible?


Happy Researching.


Maintain the mantra - Hands, Face, Space, Stay Safe and Stay Cheerful.

Peter Harborne 33°


Inspector General


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