The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times.........

We are now well into this lock down, but the vaccination rate appears to be progressing well.  Statistics are still somewhat confusing though, not because they are difficult to understand per se,  but mostly because they don’t seem to be consistent with previous iterations or to bear any resemblance to useful information.  How does one know whether the number of beds occupied by Covid patients is relevant if one is not told how many are still available?  Why does it matter if the supply of doses has slowed in some counties when what is surely more important is what percentage of the various priority groups has been vaccinated?  Are some areas faster because they are more efficient at getting people injected or is it because their target population is smaller or lives nearer their vaccination centres?  None of the above should worry us too much of course because the timing of our appointments will depend entirely on the local health teams and we have no control over it.  I know quite a few of my friends and neighbours have been for their (first?) jab already so the system is rolling out nicely.  I’m afraid I did shout at the radio this morning though because it appears some people think that when someone has been vaccinated, they can no longer pass the virus on (and so why can’t they mix freely with everyone else now?).  I may be wrong, but I intend to continue with Hands Face Space for a good while yet, even when I have been for my own jab.  As far as most of us know, we could have been asymptomatic for weeks now but continuing to follow the rules makes it much less likely that we will kill anyone.  It is disappointing that we cannot participate in our Rose Croix ceremonies at the moment, but we must remember how much we enjoy our particular brand of freemasonry and keep praying for the health and strength of our masters so that they continue to make the right decisions on our behalf.

It was very tight at the top last week, but Stephen Knight strutted his stuff marginally better than Nick Wilson. Here are my answers to last week’s research subjects:

  1. Minimum stopping distance in feet can be calculated by dividing the square of the speed in mph by 20 and adding the speed: At 30 mph it is 30 x 30 (900) / 20 (45) plus 30 = 75ft.

  2. It is illegal to sound one’s horn between 2330 and 0700 when driving/riding in a built-up area.

  3. One cannot stop on an “Urban Clearway” (in any times stated) except to set down or pick-up passengers.

  4. The Highway Act of 1835 prohibits driving on an area set aside for the use of pedestrians.

  5. As an aircraft reduces speed in level flight the centre of pressure (at which total wing lift is said to act) moves steadily forward on the wing.  At the point of stall, the smooth flow of air over the wing breaks down.  Lift reduces markedly, the aircraft loses height, and the retreating centre of pressure causes the aircraft to pitch nose-down.

  6. John Leech was the first “cartoonist” in Punch magazine in 1843 (while other artists produced earlier “cartoons” they were still “illustrators” or “artists” rather than “cartoonists.”

  7. Ed McBain was the penname of a writer who actually had two legal names.  He was born as Salvatore Albert Lombino and subsequently legally adopted the name Evan Hunter.

  8. “Never knowingly undersold” was devised by Spedan Lewis at the Peter Jones company he owned in Sloane Square and was adopted by the John Lewis Partnership on its founding in 1929.

  9. Abigail Sciuto, the forensic lab technician in the series NCIS, gave names to her lab equipment, one of which is “Major Mass Spec”.

  10. The first Lord Mayor of London was Thomas Legge. The “Lord…” was added in 1354 by Edward III to the then office of Mayor of London, first held in 1189 by Sir Henry FitzAilwyn.

Here are this week’s posers:

  1. Which village in North Bucks shares a remarkable heritage with Upper Slaughter in Gloucestershire, Saxby in Leicestershire and Puttenham near Tring?

  2. Which Buckinghamshire country house was built by a man who received about a penny-farthing per acre for his lands in America?

  3. Who were the first aircrew successfully to fly across the Atlantic?

  4. Who holds the record for most champion jockey titles?

  5. What is the difference between an aerostat and an aerodyne?

  6. Which is the heaviest adult human body organ?

  7. We all know of the thirty pieces of silver in the bible; who were mentioned with 20 and 100 pcs?

  8. When did groats cease to be legal tender in Great Britain?

  9. Where is the furthest inland lighthouse from the coast in the UK (34 miles from the coast)?

  10. How far is it, in nautical miles, from FHAW to EGYP?

Maintain the mantra - Hands, Face, Space and Stay Safe.

Stay Safe

Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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