The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


16 Apr 20

Week 4 then and it sounds as if a period of at least another three is on the cards.  I now have very shiny cars, the lawn needs yet another mowing, Sally has the garden looking lovely and it is just such a shame that we haven’t been able to get out on the golf-course in all this beautiful weather.  I hope your lock-down is passing uneventfully and I’m sure I don’t need to repeat the guidance from GSupt Graham and PGM John about any problems being reported to lodge and chapter almoners.  I am sure Stephen Knight, Craft Provincial Almoner and Nick Wilson, new Royal Arch Almoner, are working very hard at linking those who need support with those prepared to offer it – if you fall into either category do please call them (or me for that matter).

I was rather amused to find that the answers to a couple of my questions were included in the Grand Secretary’s excellent FAQ sheet sent out the same afternoon accompanying his good wishes for Easter.  I hope you all found time to contemplate the commemorative aspect of Easter.  It marks the end to whatever we may have given up for Lent and reminds us, as does our ceremony, of the sacrifice made for us all.  No attendance at church this year of course, but if you were looking, there were several YouTubed and Zoomed services on the web as a substitute.

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz:
Answers to Quiz 3:

  1. Six

  2. 18°

  3. 14 days

  4. Master Mason for at least a year, GLCert from a regular jurisdiction seen, Clearance certificate from Craft lodge seen, assurance obtained that he is prepared to sign a declaration that he professes the Trinitarian Christian Faith, application form fully completed and signed. (But note that Craft masons from Scotland or Ireland seeking perfection, joining or affiliation in English chapters may be subject to further conditions).

  5. Three (unless fewer are specified in the Chapter by-laws)

  6. 12 months

  7. The Sovereign

  8. The Recorder

  9. No. There is no specific such rule in our Rules but Rule 76 dictates that where a matter is not specifically covered by Supreme Council Rules then the UGLE Rules shall be followed (and rule 101 says the warrant must be present).

  10. No, unless the chapter has only just been consecrated or the Supreme Council deem him to have served as such for some other reason.

Here are this week’s questions:

  1. Which saint “hosted” the Council of Whitby in 663 or 664 AD?

  2. What, broadly, was actually decided at that meeting.

  3. Which of the twelve tribes of Israel were not named after direct sons of Jacob?

  4. Of which tribal line was Jesus.

  5. By what (4) names is Jesus’ “first” disciple known (the one who got to be Pope).


Just 5 questions this week (the to-do list got a bit too long to allow detailed research.

As you will probably realise the proposed 175th celebration on 30th May is definitely cancelled.  Depending on how and when the post-Covid wind-down starts, the event will be re-arranged.  There are contingency plans for virtually every aspect of normal community life but at least preparing them gives us all something to do.

Finally, over 90% of those who have died of Covid apparently already had other vulnerabilities but even those of us without a “predisposition” cannot be complacent.  In addition, men represent a far higher percentage than women in the death statistics so whilst the odds on surviving an actual infection may be reasonably good, please continue to take care.

Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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