The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


Herewith my 23rd missive since lockdown and nothing much has changed since last week.  Schools are apparently going back on Monday which means I shall be back to staggering my trips out to avoid the traffic snarl-ups of school start and finish times.  I don’t actually go out much except for golf  in the current climate so it won’t be too much of an imposition – provided of course there is no explosion of infections.  I see several churches are replacing pews with chairs again so that social distancing becomes easier.  Returning to services will be a very pleasant improvement for many I am sure.


I have also realised this week that the definition of “contagious” seems to have changed since I first heard the words contagious and infectious.  I’m sure contagious used to require physical contact for the problem to be transmitted, but infectious meant it could be caught in the air.  Apparently “contact” for contagion can now be achieved by close proximity and breathing infectious droplets and so the words are effectively interchangeable for Covid-19.  We must all continue to be careful.


Phil Blacklaw squeaked the best score last week by a quarter of a point, but Stephen and Bill weren’t far behind as usual.


Week 22 answers:

  1. Jupiter (53 Confirmed +26 ‘Provisional’ ), Saturn 53 Confirmed +9 ‘Provisional’, Uranus (27) & Neptune (14). Total Confirmed 147 + 35 Provisional = 182 moons total.

  2. Abraham was descended from Noah’s son Shem

  3. Paralipomenom is an old word for the Books of Chronicles in the Bible.

  4. Pope Damascus tasked St Jerome to translate the Bible into Latin and it took him 23 years.

  5. The Venerable Bede is found in Paradiso in the 4th Sphere of Heaven (Paradiso, X, 130).  An un-named forger, only believed to be English, is Master Adam; he made Florentine coins of 21 carat gold instead of the full 24 and was burned at the stake (Inferno, XXX, 46-90)

  6. The Sydney Harbour Bridge (opened 1932) still charges though it was fully paid for in 1988.

  7. Moist air, instability in the atmosphere and an initial lifting agent are all required for a thunderstorm to develop.

  8. Dutch Roll occurs when aircraft have less directional stability than lateral stability (common in aircraft with dihedral or with swept-back wings).

  9. It comes from the ancient Greek word ἐκκλησιαστής (ekklēsiastḗs) meaning assembly member.

  10. The first escalator in London was built by the French company PIAT in Harrods Store in 1898.


Now for the Week 23 Questions:

  1. There are 2 reasons why Grace Archer died.  What are they?

  2. Who is credited with deriving the words above Leo the Lion?  How many “Leos” have there been?

  3. Whose amp went up to11?

  4. What is the main difference between the Richter and Beaufort scales?

  5. Why do aircraft stall?

  6. Why might you be happier if you could chemically extract carbon dioxide from oxitriptan?

  7. Put Mary Berry and Francesca Slattery together to get a book by Somerset Maugham.

  8. What has Caribbean Coconut Cake got to do with an L Frank Baum character?

  9. Why might Triskaidekaphobes have been pleased with a bread loaf rule change in April 2009?

  10. What was the slogan for the privatisation of British Gas in 1986?


I trust that a couple of these aren’t too obscure, but it has to be a bit more than just a straightforward Google - I hope you enjoy researching the questions as much as I enjoy framing them.


I read this week that Legionnaire’s disease kills 10% of those infected and I know Covid is now less than that so perhaps normality can’t be far away, we hope.


Do keep phoning each other and looking through the red book occasionally.


Stay Safe

Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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