The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


Now into our 6th month since lockdown and while those of us not clinically vulnerable can cautiously move about fairly freely, there has been no really encouraging news for a whole week now.  Vaccines are still “on the way” (unless you believe President Putin’s claim to have one already) and quarantine shielding is still required after many overseas trips.  Whether the reduced numbers of infections across most of southern England is a consequence of the virus’s reducing infectiousness is a matter of some argument but the effects of catching it are still unpleasant and may last for weeks afterwards so let’s hope we avoid it.  Masonic centres are advanced in their plans to open on 1st September and I hope everyone has had access to the very useful UGLE briefings on the subject.  Covid-compliance is a demanding task and those of our members organising it deserve our thanks.  I thoroughly enjoyed the comment from the UGLE legal guidance brief on dining – “If you are not confused by the government’s guidance, then you haven’t read it properly”.  How very true – I have, and I am!


Some very good sets of answers again last week.  Bill Parish, Nick Wilson and Stephen Knight all got 9 points and I had to get a bit mean to stop Phil Blacklaw getting a full 10 (It was 9.8!!).  As usual, each entrant will get a personal email with his scores so he can argue should he (or she) feel the need (not that it will make any difference!).  I really am missing the calm and friendship of our Rose Croix meetings and I am sure we will have news sometime soon on a permitted resumption.  However, many of our members may, very sensibly, stay away for some time, even with carefully modified ceremonial.


Week 21 answers:

  1. Sir Gerald Wollaston was Provincial DC 3 times and Garter King of Arms 1930/44, so he knew the difference between different styles of stars in heraldry.

  2. William Wyler won 3 Oscars for best director from 12 nominations, John Ford got 4 Oscars from 5 nominations (though both were nominated in other categories as well).

  3. Tommy Flowers built Colossus at the Dollis Hill Post Office Research Station to help the Bletchley Park war decoding effort.  And Chares of Lindos built the other Colossus (at Rhodes).

  4. They shout “Geronimo”, the Mexican made-up name of the Indian warrior Goyathley, which means “one who yawns”.  The name is shouted because originally parachutists were supposed to shout their own name as they came to the door to jump to prove they were calm and not frightened of the jump.  Since many were the exact opposite, it became a tradition for all to shout “Geronimo” so as not to highlight those who, it turned out, often forgot their own name in the terror of their first jump.  Loud shouting is also thought to generate extra adrenalin.

  5. Erich Paul Remark changed his surname to Remarque when he found he had French antecedents and changed his middle name to Maria to commemorate his mother.

  6. Jacques Cousteau’s research vessel was the “Calypso”.

  7. Technetium was created in 1937 by bombarding molybdenum (Atomic No 42) with Deuterium to fill the Atomic Number gap between Molybdenum and Ruthenium as noticed by Mendeleev in 1870. It is the lightest element without stable isotopes and one isotope is used a great deal in medicine because its radioactive half-life is just 24 hours.

  8. A chess player might use a zwischenzug – it is an intermediate move added in to annoy/threaten an opponent (and force him to react) when a more obvious move can be delayed to advantage.

  9. It is a Celtic/Gaelic fairy spirit who wails and shrieks when a family is under threat or a member is nearing death.

  10. It means that if a cricket (insect) chirps N times in 15 seconds then the Air Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit must be 40 + N.  It is called Dolbear’s Law and was published in 1897.


Now for the Week 22 Questions:

  1. How many moons are there around the gas giants?

  2. From which of Noah’s sons was Abraham said to be descended?

  3. What are Paralipomenom?

  4. Who commissioned the translation of the Bible into Latin in 382AD and how long did it take?

  5. Who is the only named Englishman to appear in Dante’s Divine Comedy?

  6. What was opened in 1932, fully paid for by October 1988 and still charges tolls?

  7. What 3 conditions are required for a thunderstorm to form?

  8. What causes Dutch Roll?

  9. What is the origin of the word “ecclesiast”?

  10. Which London building had the first escalator equipment fitted in 1898?


Happy Researching.


Do keep phoning each other and looking through the red book occasionally.

Stay Safe

Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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