The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


Twenty weeks down now but several more to go it would seem.  Some Centres will be open by 1st September though dining may not then have become available.  Hopefully, briefing sheets to each centres’ members will be provided in the next couple of weeks relating to what is and what is not permitted. If the current limit on 10 people maximum prevails then lodges and chapters may have to follow the recommendation that specific officers and members attend in person but the other members are included in a zoom or whatsApp virtual part-meeting to discuss the admin elements of unit management.  Some LofIs may have to limit the numbers who can attend and secretaries/scribes/ recorders etc will of course have to keep accurate records of who attends every meeting.  This is so that if someone at the centre (perhaps from another unit on the same night) turns out to have symptoms then everyone who was in the centre that evening will be required to  go into quarantine and track-and-trace must be able to inform those affected.  The increased availability of testing and perhaps even a vaccine will of course allow us to meet with fewer restrictions and to resume ceremonies – let us hope things improve soon.


Some very good sets of answers this week.  Bill Parish and Stephen Knight were good as usual, but Phil Blacklaw pipped them with an almost perfect set of answers.  Almost worth a prize if there was one!  As usual I will send a critiqued response to each responder.  Keep researching chaps (and their ladies can have a go too).


Week 19 answers

  1. The Roman poet Juvenal.  He meant “who will guard the guardians” as part of his satire on the difficulty of maintaining accountability over those in power (especially regarding marital fidelity).  It is nowadays used in a much more varied way and can also remind us with “who will help the helpers” to help those who help us such as almoners, the NHS and many other valuable organisations – our wider definition of charity covers it.

  2. Hawaii and Alaska

  3. Texas

  4. Mobira Senator was the world’s first truly mobile phone and weighed 9.8 kilos – there were therefore 102 in a ton.

  5. The word “sting” - film music written by Scott Joplin, Gordon Sumner (aka sting) is lead singer of the Police rock band and apis mellifica is the honeybee.

  6. In 1732 René Réamur invented a temperature scale from 0° for the freezing point of water to 80° for the point at which his mixture of alcohol and water had expanded by 8% and began to boil. His thermometers were very bulky and difficult to calibrate partly because water gets less dense when it cools below about 4°C whereas mercury, which has a higher and more reliable coefficient of expansion and is in liquid form over a much bigger range of temperatures, proved to be much more popular.

  7. There are 5 River Avons in England, referred to as the Warwickshire Avon, the Bristol Avon, The Salisbury Avon, Avon Water and the Dartmoor or Devon Avon; all separate with different sources and exits to seas.

  8. Sir Ian Botham (now Lord Botham since last week) played in the Football League for Scunthorpe FC in 1980 and Worcester and Durham Cricket counties but mostly, of course, for Somerset.

  9. Verdigris can be useful on brass or bronze because when left in the open air the copper reacts with air, water and CO2 to produce copper oxide CuO or copper carbonate CuCO3 which seals the original brass or bronze and prevents further oxidation. Verdigris was also used as a long-lasting green colour for oil paintings from about 1480 to 1800 but was superseded when more stable non-toxic options were found.

  10. The Huygens lander went to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon and it got there on the Cassini spacecraft


Here are this week’s research subjects - Week 20 Questions:

  1. When did the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre open?

  2. Which Greek Island is closest to the UK?

  3. What is the longest aircraft ever built?

  4. How many edges has an icosahedron?

  5. Which is the longest road tunnel in the world?

  6. What links Herbert Asquith with Robert Harley and Aubrey de Vere?

  7. Who or what operated out of “Cloudbase”?

  8. What links Arnold Ridley with Michael Gambon?

  9. Who is the oldest footballer to have played in the World Cup?

  10. What does ASCII stand for?


Keep phoning around and stay safe.


Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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