The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


9 Apr 20

Three weeks down then but no-one yet knows how long this will be necessary.  Necessary it does seem to be though for those of us most at risk of getting a bad case - as well as for those of us who don’t notice we have it but would be spreading it to others. Our prayers go to all those who are now, or in due course will be, suffering adverse effects – from the virus direct or from the effects of the lockdown. It may be worth checking that those with whom you are keeping in touch, especially perhaps the younger chaps, are not hurting too much either medically or financially. The government schemes for the furloughed and the self-employed should alleviate the worst difficulties but it sounds as if accessing that help is slower than ideal. The need for loans or gifts for those in the worst situations should be in all our minds as we phone around our members (and perhaps our neighbours too) - any of us who are ‘nicely comfortable’ must remember that some are not.  


It is disappointing that most churches are closed and hosting no public services this weekend as we approach the central theme of our Order. However, there are virtual services available on-line with YouTube and many video-conferencing applications and your own clergy will have details – not the same as really attending but praying “with” others whilst at home is not too bad a replacement.


I have been playing virtual golf on WhatsApp video calls to members of the usual roll-ups at all the times I would normally play for real, but I am beginning to find it difficult to maintain a disciplined approach to each day. I have polished 2 cars, cut some trees, repaired and re-furbished several appliances, caught up with some office admin, answered and written innumerable emails and spent most of yesterday setting up Sally’s new smart-phone which arrived courtesy of the courier company.  Trying to recall all the passwords and passphrases for all the apps, even when most are written down, is very time-consuming. It is also very frustrating when a programme rejects a password as we try to log in on the phone when we know full well that typing in the identical characters to the same programme on the tablet or the laptop worked perfectly two minutes previously. Computers are supposed to be servants, but it doesn’t always feel like that!  It is also all too tempting to sit in front of the television or read a book for too long each day rather than getting on with exercise or today’s to-do list.


The answers to last week’s quiz:

  1. East Central (split in 1936 into 2 Districts of Berks, Bucks & Oxon and Beds, Essex & Herts).

  2. Scotch Knight of Perfection.

  3. The words occur in the first line of the 3rd, 5th and 7th paragraphs of the Prelate’s dialogue in the 1st Point when the Marshal has to pick up a letter to show to the candidate.

  4. First 2/3 of it in 8th century BC, last part 7th century (about 750 BC to 680BC but opinions do differ). Widely regarded as prophesying the coming of the Messiah.

  5. “Biblical” or “Classic” Hebrew.

  6. The angel Raphael.

  7. Tobias, son of Tobit.

  8. He slew Goliath the Philistine (according to the book of Daniel).

  9. Saul.

  10. South Wales and Monmouthshire (31 Chapters).


Now some new questions on Rules (not quite such “snorters” as some found last week’s questions):

  1. How many Rose Croix members are required to petition for the consecration of a new chapter?

  2. Of what rank must they be?

  3. How long before a meeting must a summons be dispatched?

  4. List 3 conditions which must be satisfied before a candidate’s name can be placed in a summons.

  5. How many “black balls” in the ballot box would constitute a rejection of the candidate?

  6. If, unfortunately, a candidate is rejected, how long must elapse before the ballot may be repeated?

  7. Who is responsible for the safe custody of the warrant of the Chapter?

  8. Who is usually tasked with holding the warrant?

  9. Can a meeting be held without the presence of the warrant in the building where the meeting is being held?

  10. Is a member ever eligible to be elected as Sovereign if he has not served the office of General for a full year?


Answers as usual to I’m also up for queries or questions to be sent to me for possible inclusion in future quizzes (helps me prepare future questions) or perhaps just because you want to know the answer to something.


Stay well, and stay home unless you have a very good reason to be out and about – it does seem to be compulsory to state this at the foot of all written correspondence and since it is essential that we all follow the official advice then I shall repeat it too.


Very Best Wishes to you and your families and God Bless us all this Easter.


Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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