The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


Week 19 now and the government guidance seems to be getting less definitive – but mostly because the newspapers are guessing and telling us what is going to be the next rule but guessing wrong!  We just need to stay careful and, hopefully, this rumoured second spike will not come anywhere near us.  Plans are advancing for a resumption of a form of Craft/RA/MMH meeting from 1st September, but many of us will undoubtedly be waiting for a vaccine before venturing out.  I thought the FAQ from UGLE as edition 4 of “The First Rising” to be extremely helpful.  It sets out answers to the many questions we have all had in recent weeks concerning the resumption of meetings in the Craft and the Royal Arch.  All should have received a copy, but I will relay it to any Prince who needs me to (


We are not permitted to resume Rose Croix meetings just yet of course and although the deadline for responding to Supreme Council’s questionnaire is 7th August, they would prefer responses earlier if possible – if you have not already completed it please do so today at  It is self-explanatory, we only need to complete it once (no matter if you are in more than one chapter) and the results will help Supreme Council determine the way ahead.  I personally am itching to get back to my Rose Croix but avoiding unpleasant risk remains the key strategy.


Here are the answers to last week’s quiz.  Stephen Tunney submitted the best effort this week (and was also the quickest to respond).


Week 18 Answers

  1. Prince Philip became Colonel-in-Chief of the Wiltshire Regiment (aka Moonrakers) in 1953.

  2. Col. T E Lawrence CB DSO (Lawrence of Arabia) died on his Brough Superior SS100 in 1935.

  3. It has been compulsory for front seat occupants of cars in the UK to wear seat belts since 1983 (and for all occupants since 1991).

  4. It was published anonymously, and it had a happy ending so was much more cheerful than the rest of the Tales which appeared under his name and are more tragedic.

  5. There are 12 keys in an octave on a piano (7 white and 5 black).

  6. He took great care of his mother (poem by A A Milne).

  7. Danny Pembroke kept his gloves on and wasn’t jailed with the other Great Train Robbers.

  8. Wallace and Gromit’s birthdays are 7th August and 12th February so the interval this year is 177 days (although calculating from August 2020 through to February 2021 – the order asked in the question -gives an answer of 189 days).

  9. Italy – LIRP it is the ICAO designator for Pisa International Airport.

  10. Lilian Baylis was proprietor of the Old Vic theatre and founded the Sadler’s Wells Opera company at the re-opened Sadler’s Wells theatre in 1931.  She also helped Ninette de Valois to found the ballet company and ballet school which were also moved to the Sadler’s Wells theatre that year.


Here are this week’s posers - Week 19 questions:

  1. Who first wrote “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” and why?

  2. Which two US states do not have a contiguous border with any other US state?

  3. Which is the largest state in the conterminous US?

  4. How many Mobira Senators were there in a ton?

  5. What is the link word which could be said to associate Scott Joplin, the Police and apis mellifica?

  6. Why did Réamur get overtaken?

  7. How many rivers are there in England called Avon?

  8. Which (alleged) peer-designate played for Scunthorpe and for Worcestershire?

  9. Is verdigris useful?

  10. Where did Huygens go and how did it get there?


My only outings at the moment are to the golf club or, very occasionally, to the village shop but life is very bearable really.  I hope you are coping satisfactorily with the extended break away from normal life and please do speak to your almoner occasionally – firstly to let him know you are OK, but also to check that he is. 


God Bless, Stay Safe and keep phoning around.

Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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