The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


So now we are into week 10 and I hope you and your families were able to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend in some way.  The news on masonic activity remains that in the absence of any surprising development, a review is expected on or around 17th July. In wider society, however, the news is better in that lockdown may be relaxed a little further next week with non-essential shops gradually being allowed to open and the possibility that pubs and clubs may not be too far behind.  All this depending of course on whether the relaxation this week has had any deleterious effect on infections or deaths – this may not become apparent for a few days yet. Whilst welcome, the easing of the lockdown may not affect our lives too much in the near term because those of us at risk must continue to be cautious.


I do go out to play golf fairly regularly but am still carefully observing the social distancing rules. A statistical analysis at the Pasteur Institute in Paris appears to show that almost all recoverees from Covid develop antibodies and become immune to further infection shortly after they recover. If this is confirmed by other sources (and ongoing Oxford University studies may confirm the Pasteur results) then the after-effects of this new strain of Coronavirus might not be very different from the similar viruses which give us colds and flu. However, the word ‘after’ is the key here because it is the symptoms and outcomes during the time a victim is suffering which are so serious - we must therefore continue to take care. Once a vaccine becomes generally available we should all become immune and life will become a great deal easier. Most experts agree this will take a long time.


Here are the answers to last week’s quiz:

  1. There were four Kings of England in 1066: Edward the Confessor (died 5th January 1066), Harold Godwinson (died at Hastings 14th October 1066), Edward Ætheling (elected by Witan 15th October but deposed 17th December), William I (crowned on Christmas Day).

  2. In 1696 William III introduced the “Window Tax” which charged householders for their windows. He introduced the tax to replace the revenue lost when coins were ‘clipped’ i.e. some of the (usually gold or silver) metal was shaved from the edge of the coin, saved up and melted into new coins.  Many houses then bricked up some or all of their windows to avoid the tax (and so were ‘robbed’ of daylight).

  3. A parsec is 1.91826 x 1013 miles. It is actually the distance you would have to travel to reach a point at which the angular distance between the Earth and the sun when furthest apart (assuming you could still see them) was one degree. It roughly equates to 3¼ light years. The real answer to this question is “a very, very long way”.

  4. Toyota was founded in 1926 to make looms and started producing cars in 1935.

  5. There is just one planet whose spin rate is so slow that it makes a complete orbit around the sun before it makes one rotation about its own axis. Venus spins once on its axis every 243 earth days but completes one complete orbit round the sun in only 225 days.


Now for this week’s quiz (with a couple of snorters this time):

  1. Who went outside and thought he might be some time? And where was he?

  2. Who developed the first theory of fronts in meteorology?

  3. What is the difference between a hurricane and a tornado?

  4. What is the unusual link between the numbers 16 and 82?

  5. If  Yb – Y = Ga what is K – H  ?


There seems to be little in the papers or the news that isn’t Covid-related but we must raise our heads and think of other things when we can. The ceremonies in many Orders of freemasonry require physical contact of some kind and I am sure our masters are considering modifications to our procedures which, if implemented, might allow us to meet safely somewhat earlier than would otherwise be the case. If you have ideas on this, do feel free to push them up to me or the District Recorder for our Rose Croix ceremonies, or through your respective Provincial or District Secretaries/scribes etc for other Orders.

God Bless, Stay Safe and keep phoning around.

Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


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