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September 2022 – It was another busy meeting in Beaconsfield at Via Phari Chapter No. 1060 on 28 September 2022 when the agenda included the perfection of a new Prince and the enthronement of a new MWS..... 

 ...In an excellent ceremony conducted by the MWS, E&P Bro. Peter Stinson 18º  assisted by E&P Bro. Alan Payen and other members, the Chapter welcomed E&P Bro. Qais Shaker Al-Karawi (second from the left) as the latest Perfectee of the Chapter.  Mark is a Master Mason of Sowest Lodge No 3797 and was proposed by E&P Bro Marco Capobianco 18º and seconded by E&P Bro Vijaya Ragawan 18º. 


E&P Bro. Peter then enthroned his successor, E&P Bro. Ray Canning in another excellent ceremony in which the Address to the Princes was delivered by the Inspector General (second right).


We wish Qais many happy and successful years in our wonderful Order and Ray a most rewarding year as MWS of the Chapter.

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