The Inspector General and the District Recorder send all the Princes and their families their sincere wishes for a safe time during these unprecedented and ever changing times......... 


It’s only the third day of lock down and the lawn is mown, the oil, water and tyre pressures checked, the golf clubs cleaned and sundry other minor jobs sorted so what to do now? The tablet now needs charging after dozens of emails (including an excellent missive from the ProGM, MW Bro Peter Lowndes) so a few phone calls to older friends to check on them is next. There are lots of books in the shelves so settling down later on for a very long read seems likely. 


Actually listing all the things we ought to be doing (wash hands, stay in, empty rubbish bins, wash hands again etc etc) shouldn’t be required from me as we’re all hanging on the news channels and have been told what to do, and why, many times. I have however generated a quiz centred around the Rose Croix and other Orders which may give you a few minutes of entertainment so here goes: 


  1. Who first received a patent for a Supreme Council Rose Croix for “Great Britain, Ireland and the Possessions in America and the Indies” in 1819 from one of the four French Supreme Councils?

  2. What did he do with it and why?

  3. Where was the first “England and Wales” Rose Croix Patent obtained from?

  4. Who was it granted to?

  5. What was his primary profession?

  6. With whom did he fundamentally disagree over the constitution of a charity?

  7. What was the the name of the charity he wanted to set up?

  8. When was it set up?

  9. What has its name now become?

  10. Who was the first Lieutenant Grand Commander and what was his profession?


Keep social distancing if you’re not “at risk” or, if you are in the vulnerable cadre, then stay at home self-isolating. In theory, if the lock-down works, the disease should die out without us getting caught. We will not be immune from it for some time however so the present situation is likely to persist for some time. I will try to produce a new quiz each Thursday. There probably won’t be any prizes except that by the time I’m finished you will know almost all of what I was intending to include in my talk on 30th May at the 175th celebration. However, since that seems likely to be cancelled, I shall just  have to find something else to talk about at the re-scheduled meeting later in the year.


Stay well everyone and keep phoning the older chaps to see how they are, and the younger ones to keep our wonderful Order at the forefront of their minds until we can meet again.


Peter Harborne 33°

Inspector General


Next week: - Ceremonial Questions

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