OCTOBER 2019 - It was a busy meeting in Beaconsfield at Via Phari Chapter No. 1060 on 25 October 2019 when the agenda included the perfection of a new Prince and the enthronement of a new MWS..... 

...In an excellent ceremony conducted by the MWS, Ill∴Bro Harry Hunter 30º (far right) assisted by the Inspector General and other members, the Chapter welcomed E&P Bro. Dr Mark Jones (second from the left) as the latest Perfectee of the Chapter.  Mark is a Master Mason of Queensway Paddington Lodge and is also a member of the Sons of the Soil Lodge of the Scottish Constitution.  Mark was proposed by E&P Bro Marco Capobianco 18º and seconded by E&P Bro Vijaya Ragawan 18º, both of whom joined the Chapter in 2018.

Ill∴Bro Harry then enthroned his successor, E&P Bro. Peter Stinson 18º (far left) in another excellent ceremony in which the Address to the Princes was delivered by the Inspector General.


We wish Mark many happy and successful years in our wonderful Order and Peter a most rewarding year as MWS of the Chapter.


OCTOBER 2019 - At Fides Chapter Rose Croix No 596 at Bicester on Monday 14th October, Most Puissant Brother Alan Englefield, Sovereign Grand Commander of Supreme Council, re-presented V⸫ Ill⸫Bro Peter Jones with his patent on his being re-appointed as Inspector General for Oxfordshire for a further 5 years.   

V⸫ Ill⸫Bro Peter is centre front in the photograph with the Sovereign Grand Commander on his right and Ill⸫Bro James Hilditch, Craft Provincial Grand Master for Oxfordshire behind his right shoulder. MWS Peter Lindfield is on the Inspector General’s left with Newly-Perfected Prince Richard Rodgers behind him and the Inspectors General for Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire, Francis Wakem and Peter Harborne, also in the picture.


OCTOBER 2019 - The District had a double reason to celebrate when our District Recorder, Ill∴Bro Peter Moody received his 31º and Ill∴Bro Mark Davis (next to the Inspector General) received his 30º in ceremonies at the Grand East in Duke Street, St James’s on 21 October 2019. 

The ceremonies were conducted by the Supreme Council 33º and were followed by an excellent dinner at the Royal Over-Seas League.  The photograph shows them celebrating with the Inspector General and Ill∴Bro Peter Corbett 31º (on the right).


Mark is a member of Chandos Chapter and Peter is a member of the Merlaue and Buckinghamshire Higher Degrees Chapters and we all wish them our heartiest congratulations on their preferment.

Peter Moody.png