SEPTEMBER 2019 - Hope Chapter welcomed a new Perfectee, E&P Bro Ellick Taylor in an excellent ceremony at Aylesbury on Monday, 23 September 2019..... 

...The ritual was performed by the Most Wise Sovereign, E&P Bro Michael Power, assisted by other Officers of the Chapter in the presence of the Inspector General and the District Recorder.


E&P Bro Ellick is a Master Mason of Hampden Lodge and also a member of Bromley St Leonard.  The photograph shows him stood next to the Inspector General with his proposer, Ill∴Bro Tony Bromage 30º on the far left and seconder, Ill∴Bro Bernard Frow 32º next to him.


We all wish E&P Bro Ellick many happy and successful years in this wonderful Order.