JUNE 2019 - The District Recorder, Ill∴Bro Peter Moody 30º (on the left) and the MWS, E&P Bro Michael Power (on the right) welcome our latest Perfectee, E&P Bro Steve Adamek (centre) to the District and to the Hope Chapter in Aylesbury.

Steve is a Master Mason of a number of Craft Lodges including Aylesbury Lodge and was perfected in an excellent ceremony on Monday, 24 June 2019. 


We all wish him many happy and successful years in this wonderful Order.


Hope 20190624.png

JUNE 2019 - St Nicholas at Kimble welcomed E&P Bro John Stranks to the Order on Thursday 20th June.


John is second from the right with Dick Bird, MWS, in the centre and the Inspector General on Dick's right.  


John is a Master Mason of Saxon Lodge No. 9735 and was proposed by the Chapter Recorder, David Eeles (shown far right) and seconded by Frank Duncan (shown far left).


We wish John many happy and successful years in our wonderful Order.

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