MAY 2019 - The Inspector General and the District Recorder celebrate with Ill∴Bro Graham Perry on the occasion of him receiving his 31º.


The ceremony was conducted by the Supreme Council 33º at the Grand East in Duke Street, St James’s on 21 May 2019 and was followed by a dinner at the Royal Over-Seas League. 


Graham is a member of the Robert De Turnham, Signum Lucis and Buckinghamshire Higher Degrees Chapters and also mentors on the Chapter of Improvement sessions held at Winslow.  We all wish him our heartiest congratulations on his preferment.

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MAY 2019 - The Inspector General and the Most Wise Sovereign, Ill∴Bro Mike Clanfield 30º welcome our two newest Perfectees to the District and to the Robert De Turnham Chapter in Bletchley.


E&P Bros. Albert Griffith, a Master Mason of Longueville Lodge and Brian Guest, a Master Mason of Redbourn Lodge are also members of Oliver Chapter in the Royal Arch. 


They were perfected in an excellent ceremony on Friday, 17 May 2019 in the presence of over thirty members and guests.  We all wish them both many happy and successful years in this wonderful Order.

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MAY 2019 - The photograph shows IllBro David Gregory 30º presenting a bouquet of flowers to Sheila Hankins for all her hard work in producing excellent embroidered items for the St Nicholas at Kimble Chapter.


About three years ago, the members found that their altar cloth had been the substantial diet of mice which had got into the storeroom.  Sheila took this to pieces and remade it, complete with frills, as it was not possible to buy a replacement.


When Ill∴Bro David Eeles 30º took over as the Chapter Recorder, he thought it would be fitting to have a cloth with a Rose Croix apron on it to cover the Recorder’s table at their meetings.   As he had such an apron, Sheila very kindly took it to pieces and attached the front section to the cloth producing the wonderful cover on which her flowers are displayed.

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