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FEBRUARY 2020 – It was a double celebration for the District when Ill∴Bro. John Shepherd (second from the left) and Ill∴Bro. Geoff Bakewell (second from the right) each received the 30º.  The photograph also shows Ill∴Bro. Bob Chevin 30º (far right) and the District Recorder who attended to support the candidates. 


The ceremony was conducted by the Lieutenant Grand Commander, Very Puissant Bro. Guy Elgood 33º and members of the Supreme Council 33º at the Grand East in Duke Street, St James’s on 11 February 2020 and was followed by a dinner at Mark Masons’ Hall.


John is a member of Hope Chapter and Geoff is a member of Via Phari.  We all wish them our heartiest congratulations on their preferment.

Feb 2020.jpg

FEBRUARY 2020 – The photograph shows our latest Perfectee, E&P Bro. Nickolas Field (second from the left) when he joined Seventh Circle Chapter,  He was perfected in an excellent ceremony conducted by Ill∴Bro Mike Jolley 32º (second from the right) and assisted by Ill∴Bro Trevor Clement 30º (far right) who also proposed him.  His other proposer, Ill∴Bro Peter George 30º (far left) also acted as MWS for the meeting. 


Nickolas is a Master Mason of Scientific 840, Silverstone 9877 and Bucks Classic Car 9945 Lodges.  We all wish him many happy and successful years in our wonderful Order

7th circle 2.jpg
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