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April 2022 – Via Phari Chapter received E&P Bro. Ivan Saviotti (second left) as its newest Perfectee at a vibrant meeting at Beaconsfield.  The ceremony was performed by the MWS, E&P Bro. Peter Stinson assisted by E&P Bro. Alan Payen 18º and Ill.Bro. Denis Gibney 30º with the Inspector General acting as Raphael and E&P Bro. Peter Waterson as Marshal.

The photograph shows the Inspector General congratulating Ivan with his proposers, E&P Bro Marco Capobianco 18º and E&P Bro Vijaya Ragawan 18º. Ivan is a Master Mason of Sowest Lodge No 3797 and was proposed by E&P Bro Marco Capobianco 18º (far left)and seconded by E&P Bro Vijaya Ragawan 18º (far right).

April 2022.jpg
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